Fat burner powder - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula - Garcinia lean xtreme - 1 Bottle 60 Capsules

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Fat burner powder - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula - Garcinia lean xtreme - 1 Bottle 60 Capsules

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula: HUNGER SUPPRESSANT: HCA or Hydroxycitric acid is a natural ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia plant. It is an all natural hunger suppressant known to mankind for many-many years. Our wonderful product may help reduce your appetite and block the creation of fatty cells in your belly. And this is the part of the body which has the most storage capacity for fat cells.

RICH STORE OF VITAL VITAMINS & MINERALS - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula: Also contains Potassium, Chromium and Calcium. Chromium is an important mineral needed for your body. Calcium minerals, has multiple benefits: strengthening bones, helping weight loss because it promotes more fat to be burned and less fat to be stored, as well as improving cardiovascular health. Potassium is a mineral found mostly in Garcinia Cambogia. It is essential for maintaining the functions and mechanisms of nervous system.

LOSE WEIGHT - GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula: Targets body fat and helps you lose weight naturally. Numerous studies demonstrated that Garcinia Cambogia extract is extremely beneficial for elevating people's mood and preventing comfort eating, as well as for alleviating depression and improving sleep quality. It is believed that, when ingested, Garcinia Cambogia extract sends signals to the brain to release more serotonin, the happy internal molecule, and this happiness stops us craving stress foods like sugar, carbs and salty foods and could have a positive impact on appetite suppression.

Product Features

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 1300 Extra Strength Formula: Helps weight loss, purifies your intestines, increases blood flow, strengthens immune system, fights off bad cholesterol levels and improves metabolism. The best benefit of this amazing extract is that it works as an appetite suppressant and thus it makes you eat less. WEIGHT LOSS AND CLEANSE: Garcinia is a small, pumpkin-like fruit native in Indonesia. It is used widely and for several hundred years already in oriental cuisine as a spice and traditional remedy for weight loss and cleanse. It is one of the main ingredients when making the famous curry. This wonderful extract may help you eat less, stop snacking and emotional eating and this highly improves your diet planning and weight loss efforts. NATURAL DIURETIC: May act as a natural diuretic (helps producing urine) which makes it very popular amongt people with kidney concerns, has a lot of vitamins and minerals and can be great home remedy for light colds and can also provide blood pressure support. IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Is known to work in a double-action formula, which is: 1) suppresses your appetite, 2) Stops creation of fatty cells. Clinical studies proved that Gracinia Cambogia can also strengthen your immune system, improves your metabolism, as well as normalize cholesterol levels. Calcium, Potassium and Chromium are also contained in this potent Garcinia Cambogia extract and actually help it work better and more effectively. OUR GUARANTEE: PREMIUM QUALITY SUPPLEMENT MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! We use only the very best ingredients, all of which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP).